Freedom in Homeschooling

I just love that homeschooling offers so much to my family. There are so many different ways to do it. We can choose textbooks if we like, and we DO for English and with math for Logan. We can choose to do unit studies together (and have in the past) or to follow the Charlotte Mason method (have done this, too!). There is unschooling (which we also do in some ways and I would LOVE to implement completely), eclectic homeschooling which uses various curricula and methods, living books, the principal approach, etc.


Homeschooling has given me freedom in education…..I learn so much now that I never knew I didn’t know when I was in school. Does that make sense? And my children are able to follow their interests, learn at their own pace, take classes or stay home as they choose. Our schedule is completely our own,  whether we decide to have one or not, it is OURS. I love that no one else is in charge of my family. It is up to my husband, myself, and God to find the best way. We have the option to change that as we see fit….each year does NOT have to look the same. Even each month or each week can be different if it’s necessary or we want it to be. I love having the choice!

I am looking forward (with a bit of trepidation I do admit!) to the high school years that we begin next year. It will be fun and interesting. With a toddler, a preschooler, an elementary student, and a middle school student, we’ll have most grade levels covered. I should be an expert in homeschooling by the time Logan graduates! LOL 😉 But I even love the freedom that allows me. Can you even imagine the things I’m going to learn?! Can I?

I’m loving the journey….

photo credit: Cr4nberry via photopin cc


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