Like Mama, Like Daughter


It’s funny how, as a new parent to a sweet little first daughter, you think how things will be a certain way. I was a Tomboy as a child, but I still thought that my daughter would be into dolls (I was), love tea parties, play with Barbies, and love shopping, makeup, etc. Of course, now I really am glad she is not interested in make-up yet, and the shopping is not such a big deal anymore, either. As for the rest….it’s not a big deal either, just not as I expected. Why did I have any expectation at all? It’s not like I had done motherhood before!

My daughter takes a homeschool horseback riding lesson on Tuesdays. She’s been going for about a year and a half now and really loves the time with the horses. She doesn’t mind the cleanup at all, the smell “isn’t that bad” according to her, and she isn’t too bothered by the weather, no matter how hot it gets. (We are in South FLorida!). She’s tough! She likes to wear a a cute, stylish top; she loves new shoes; she empathizes with mama hearts now when she hears heart-wrenching stories of babies (now that she has some experience with her little sisters); Hailey has always wanted to own a horse, but can’t (like me); on and on the list goes. She is like her mama! I’m tough….not to brag, just meaning I always did ‘boy-things’, too. She has been knocked down and received a bloody nose at SAINTS and didn’t cry, when other girls (and boys) said they would have. I was picked as ‘Most Athletic’ in middle school. (Trust me,those days are long gone now! LOL) She fell off her horse today and got right up, dusted herself off, and started riding again. I gave birth to a couple of my kids with absolutely no medication. We are both tough, and we are a lot alike. My husband will tell me that I am girl-y….never do I feel that way. I still feel like a Tomboy, and insecure about it at times, at the ripe old age of 37! So I’m wondering if these similarities has to do with why we butt heads so often? Tell me, is that it? And HOW do we get around that issue?! That’s not what this post is about, just occurred to me as I was writing. But feel free to comment here if you have thoughts on that.

I really just wanted to take some time to brag on my daughter…..not for me, because I did not make her into who she is. She is strong-willed, she knows what she wants (and what she doesn’t), and she has BIG talent in several areas. God created her and He gave her those gifts. I’m so thankful that He chose me as her mama, and even when it’s hard, I know that He gave her to us because He thought we could be the best parents for her. How awe-inspiring is that? How frightening all at the same time!

I love my girl, and it was so nice to arrive to pick her up today (Yes, I missed the fall!) to hear her instructor praising her. I’m grateful she didn’t get hurt, though she is a little sore. It was a learning experience and her instructor said that she had an excellent ride once she got back on, too.

Thanks for listening to my little rant. 😉


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