We’re all a bunch of sickos…..

We’re on week two of ‘the sickies’ around here. It hasn’t been that bad, overall, as far as the severity of the illness. It’s really just been a cold/sniffles/cough and low-grade temperatures. The problem has been more the fact that it started with Elle and has run through everyone, but starts every three days in someone new, so we can’t just be done with it! Karl and I have sore throats now, so we’re waiting to see if that develops into something more in us or if this is it. I am really hoping this is it, and that it doesn’t make another trip through us all. We have been taking Vitamin C pills to try and ward off anything worse than we’ve already got. 🙂

I’m thankful that God continues to carry us through even when we’re not at our best, and I trust that He will continue to do so. We have kept up with doing our book work, maybe in an even more relaxed manner than usual. Today Logan is not going to do math because it’s just too  much effort to think so hard when he feels poorly. I told him he could stick with his reading subjects. He has finished those and is now reading, for pleasure, National Geographic’s The New Solar System….a book we bought a couple of years ago at his request. Corbin finished reading Ivanhoe this morning….by Great Illustrated Classics….and is now starting The Count of Monte Cristo, also by Great Illustrated Classics. I love that my kids, even when sick, choose to read ‘educational’ things. I love that they love to learn!


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