I bit the bullet

Yep, I ‘bit the bullet’. It was inevitable. I say that because, after years of using and loving Pampered Chef products, attending shows, hemming and hawing over whether I should become a consultant or not, I finally did it!

I don’t know how it will go for me, hopefully well, but my husband and I both decided that the ‘risk’ is minimal. The most that can happen is that I end up with a bunch of Pampered Chef products and a business that never got off the ground. Who doesn’t love Pampered Chef products?!

There is the initial investment of the kit, plus a commitment to holding 4 shows. After that, if you don’t like it or find out you don’t have time to make holding shows worth it to you, you do not have to do another thing with it. But if you do, there are so many possibilities! I don’t even know all of them yet because I just joined, but I am excited all the same. My oldest daughter is going to help me some, and we may just make this thing successful!

If you are interested in hosting a show or placing an order, please contact me. And of course, if you have interest in becoming a consultant yourself, please ask any question you like. I will be learning more each day, but if I don’t have an answer for you, I will find it! My ‘mentor’ has been doing Pampered Chef for 17 years so I am sure she will know the answer to any question I, or you, could ever have.


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2 Responses to I bit the bullet

  1. mamadisciple says:

    You don’t know how many times I have considered it myself. I have been a long time fan of PC and my kitchen shows that! And whenever I attend a show I think my comments do as much to help sell the products as anything the PC saleswoman says! But I probably never will. Our evenings are so full and I hate to give any up. But I think it is probably the best home-sales product there is to sell! The stuff rocks.

  2. mamadisciple says:

    Hmmm – I typed a comment and wordpress ate it.

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