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If you have spent much time reading my blog, you know that I really want to embrace the whole unschooling thing…..I just haven’t made it all the way there yet. However, we do have tendencies to unschool. Last week was like that because we were on vacation and today has been a day of unschooling, as well.

We started our day late because we all slept in. Karl was one of the first up, 2nd to Logan only, I think, which never happens! 🙂 I awoke at 8:45 this morning and the babies, Hailey, and Corbin were still asleep. I got up, had my breakfast, made the little girls’ breakfast, got Emma up and brought her down (Elle slept right through the interruption), and greeted the others when they got up around 9. Emma and I played a matching game, I checked Facebook, my email, etc., checked Hailey’s math…

The oldest 3 completed their math, Logan and Hailey did an English lesson each, and Corbin also did a spelling and handwriting lesson. By the time I heard Elle, it was nearly 11 a.m. She got up and ate her breakfast while I began listening to an online homeschool convention speaker. Here’s a link for anyone who wishes to join. You may listen for free, but there is also an option to purchase and have access even when the Expo is over. Check it out!

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Late-night talks and sweet morning slumber….

After the big family get-together last night, at which we had somewhere around 35 family members, I think, the ‘big’ kids had a cousin sleep-over. They played outside until 10 p.m. then talked into the wee hours of the night, … Continue reading

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Get-togethers galore…..

Last night I went to a meeting with my mom and then out to dinner with her, a couple aunts, and some cousins. It was nice to have some ‘grown-up’ time and catch up a little bit on our life … Continue reading

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What our days have looked like…..

Since arriving at my parents’ home in Alabama we have done the following, not in any particular order: enjoyed bacon and tomato gravy with my mama’s homemade biscuits play outside with the tetherball….Emma and Elle love playing with it together, … Continue reading

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Posting soon

I just wanted to check in. I AM still around. We DID make it to my parents’ house. I’ll try to get back tonight to write about our days so far. See you soon!

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