Some new things….

Corbin received a letter today. It was from a new friend…someone he’s never met. I signed him up to be a pen pal with another boy about his age, via a home school curriculum Facebook page. I thought he would enjoy it. Little did I know the firestorm that would erupt in this house once he got the first letter! My two oldest were asking me if they could each get one and Emma was adding in her two cents with, “I want one!” As of tonight, I have Hailey and Emma both lined up with a pen pal of about the same age and same gender. Emma’s is the younger sister of Corbin’s pen pal, so the girls will exchange drawings for now within their brothers’ letters, and write to one another later once they can do so. I haven’t told either of them yet. Hopefully, someone will respond soon that is Logan’s age. I think this will be great for all of them. Letter-writing practice, spelling, capitalization, thinking creatively….all ‘school’ things, but WAY more fun in this context!

I accomplished a few things today and yesterday that have been waiting on me for months it seems. It’s nothing amazing, just some de-cluttering, donations delivered, cleaning a few areas that really needed it. But it felt so good to get it done, and I’m motivated now to continue. There’s so much more to be done!

I’ve been considering ways I can do more for Place of Hope. I prepare a mere two meals a month for the families that provide foster care. I would love to be able to do so much more. I’m thinking right now, processing some ideas. If anything comes of that process, I’ll let you know. And if you have ideas, please comment. The need is so great, and the workers are few. God will provide, I know He will.


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