Reading over this again tonight…remembering the days leading up to Elle’s birth. Needed to be reminded that I need to trust him. Hope this helps some of you out there, too.

Following In His Footsteps

I often lie in bed at night, or in the wee hours of the morning, when I can’t sleep…’blogging’ in my head. I am up numerous times a night right now and sometimes I just have a hard time getting back to sleep, so then my mind begins to churn and I will worry about things. About the birth mostly. I worry that the baby will not be healthy, that we won’t get to the hospital in time to have the very strongly recommended c-section, that the baby is not actually as big as they say and that the c-section is not really necessary, that she is actually as big as they say and that there will still be complications because of it…worry…about things that truly are not within my control. So, I blog. It helps me to get my thoughts out. I think more clearly when I am writing…I…

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