Lazy morning….transformed!

Today started out kind of lazy…..jammies, coffee, moving slow. However, I had things to do, so I had to speed it up. I helped Corbin with some book work, played with Emma and Elle, graded a few papers, prepared lunch and dinner (because we’ll be out during my normal dinner prep time), did a teeny bit of Kitchen Heaven work, and from 2:30 – 5:30 we will be out at Park Day with some friends.

By the way, I got my menu ideas for the week from One part of the membership site is an entire month’s worth of menus every month! So far the ones we have tried have been really great. I’m loving all this information for homeschooling, running my home, encouragement, etc. all in one place. You should really check it out!

Hailey wants to stay here. She, Dad (upstairs working), and the little girls will stay home. Emma and Elle will be napping for a while, but then Hailey will oversee snack time, play with them or let them watch Veggie Tales (always a favorite!), earning a whopping $1 per hour for her efforts! 😉 I will get to spend some ‘chat’ time with some other moms while the boys play. The way I see it, it’s a win-win!

We will get home just in time to pop dinner into the oven. I am already looking forward to my ‘down’ time with Karl tonight, and the day is only half over!


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3 Responses to Lazy morning….transformed!

  1. Joy Stincic says:

    What moms’ group do you belong to? Have you ever been invited to join PACT?

    • inhistiming says:

      Hi, Joy! It’s not a ‘formal’ group, really. I actually was meeting a friend at a park, and most of the time a few of her friends show up, too. Today, it ended up just being the two of us and our kids so it was nice to be able to chat one-on-one.

      I have not ever been invited to join PACT. What is it?

  2. Mimi says:

    Awesome!! We did the same this afternoon!!
    I hope you had a great day….and smart you for getting dinner ready. We grabbed Subway on the way home(ugh).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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