Quick, no time!

I have time for just a quick run-down today.

  • Easter service was awesome! Loved the praise music and the message.
  • We spent time at the beach Sunday morning (went to Easter service Sat.) and had a wonderful time! It was Elle’s first ever visit and she loved it. We couldn’t swim, as it was too rough and the no-swim flags were up, but that suited me fine because I could enjoy sitting on the beach, watching my children play….and of course playing some myself.
  • We had our Easter meal out with Karl’s parents, then they came home with us. After the girls’ naps we had a fun egg hunt….eggs were filled with coins, fruit loops, and m&m’s due to poor planning on Mommy’s part…..Elle found 3 completely on her own and I was VERY impressed with that!
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that Karl and I had a date night Saturday….paid the oldest two to babysit. We had dinner out at Ruby Tuesday and had a wonderful server who ‘read’ our table well, bringing a water pitcher and extra napkins before we could ask for either!
  • Dr. visits for Elle and Emma yesterday. They are doing well. We will be taking Elle in to see another Dr. when we can get an appointment, just an observation of her to see how she is developing cognitively. More on that once we have seen him/her.
  • This morning was horseback riding for Hailey and an early orthodontist appointment for her, as well.
  • I completed my KH work this afternoon in record time. Check it out!
  • Tonight Hailey also has Life Group, so a busy Tuesday for us!

I will try to get back soon to do a ‘real’ post, but for now this is it. See ya soon!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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