Our blessings overflow

A little over a year ago we bought a second crib so we could put Elle in one but still keep Emma contained, as we just didn’t feel ready (or that she was ready) for her to be in a ‘big girl’ bed yet. We bought a new crib for Emma that claimed to be convertible to a toddler bed, then a full size. All we needed to do was buy the kit when we were ready to convert it. When we started looking several weeks ago, the kit was nowhere to be found. We checked at Target, where we purchased the crib and they still have the same crib there that states the kit is available. They don’t have a kit. We checked online….no kit exists there either. Honestly, we were a bit peeved. But, we really have no recourse as we cannot find the receipt for a return and have no alternative at the moment unless we want to buy a twin bed. We don’t.

My engineer husband decided he can just build the rail we need to be able to convert the crib safely. He has worked over the last two days after working all day in his office and created a beautiful rail with his tools. He stained it and it is almost a perfect match!

Emma spent her first night in the toddler bed last night and right now is taking her first nap there (we’ll see how that goes). I was very impressed with the fact that she had no fears and did not get up or call us even a single time. I found her in her bed this morning, even after she and Elle were both awake, just lying there waiting for me to come get her.

Amazing! Now, I am sure there will come a day when she will think she wants to get up to play or come out of her room (I’m hoping not!), but for now I feel so blessed that she is just. so. good. God has blessed us through all of our children, even through the difficult times, but with Emma He gave an extra measure and it is wonderful! 🙂

How are you overflowing with blessings today?


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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