Packing and cleaning

Today is a light day, for book work. We are using most our time to pack our suitcases and clean the house before we leave for my mom’s on Wednesday. Usually, I don’t have time to leave a clean house, but I always want to. This time I started early with packing, so all the kids are already packed. I just have to get mine and Karl’s clothes packed, then the extras such as diapers, wipes, playpen, etc. We already spent some time cleaning up yesterday. So much so, that Hailey said this morning, “Wow, we did so much cleaning yesterday that we don’t have that much to do today.” We really don’t. Basically, laundry will need to be done and I want to sweep and mop floors tomorrow evening. Otherwise, it’s our basic daily cleaning we’d be doing anyway.

I am having Hailey and Corbin work a little with Time4Learning. Hailey is taking her math test. And I think I’ll have Logan complete some history reading. That’s it for book work.

I have a return to make today, a trip to the post office, and I need to make a deposit at the bank. Looking forward to seeing family soon!


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