What our days have looked like…..

Since arriving at my parents’ home in Alabama we have done the following, not in any particular order:

  • enjoyed bacon and tomato gravy with my mama’s homemade biscuits
  • play outside with the tetherball….Emma and Elle love playing with it together, even though they don’t know how to play the game!
  • spent time swinging, both on the swing set and on the porch swing with Pawpaw (though it’s not actually on the porch anymore)
  • taken a drive to Gulf Shores and the urgent care center for Karl’s ear ache….got shots and lots of meds to cover it, so he’s all good
  • watched the kids play with their cousins from behind my mom’s house play hide and seek
  • had a nice meal with Karl’s brother, his wife, and three boys….then went back to their house and spent the whole day today playing with the kids and watching them play together outside. They played on the slide, rock-climbing wall, trampoline, swings, played with toy guns (Emma included, and she LOVED it!), took rides on the four-wheeler with Karl, ate dinner, enjoyed cobbler made with fresh berries that Aunt Jane grew (so yummy!).
  • I got to hold my newest, sweet nephew and give him a bottle. He didn’t even cry too much. 😉
  • Hailey, Logan, Karl, and Jason explored ‘our’ land that is right next to Jason and Kristen’s property. They came back telling me how much we really need to move here because “that land is amazing!” It has a little stream and a wooded area……a far cry from our postage-stamp-sized land in Florida.
  • Hailey and Logan got to go back and explore it further with their Dad’s permission. They took his phone so we could stay in touch. Logan found a walking stick while there.
  • the baby girls have been sleeping in, probably due to the less-than-stellar sleeping they have done at night


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to What our days have looked like…..

  1. mamadisciple says:

    Sounds like a great time, Wendy!

  2. inhistiming says:

    It has been great! every time we come for a visit, we all leave talking about moving back. Prayers are going up about the job situation, and timing.

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