If you have spent much time reading my blog, you know that I really want to embrace the whole unschooling thing…..I just haven’t made it all the way there yet. However, we do have tendencies to unschool. Last week was like that because we were on vacation and today has been a day of unschooling, as well.


We started our day late because we all slept in. Karl was one of the first up, 2nd to Logan only, I think, which never happens! 🙂 I awoke at 8:45 this morning and the babies, Hailey, and Corbin were still asleep. I got up, had my breakfast, made the little girls’ breakfast, got Emma up and brought her down (Elle slept right through the interruption), and greeted the others when they got up around 9. Emma and I played a matching game, I checked Facebook, my email, etc., checked Hailey’s math…

The oldest 3 completed their math, Logan and Hailey did an English lesson each, and Corbin also did a spelling and handwriting lesson. By the time I heard Elle, it was nearly 11 a.m. She got up and ate her breakfast while I began listening to an online homeschool convention speaker. ( Here’s a link for anyone who wishes to join. You may listen for free, but there is also an option to purchase and have access even when the Expo is over. Check it out!) After Elle’s breakfast was finished, Emma wanted to watch her Preschool Prep video…..I have actually purchased the sight words, colors, letter sounds, and several others, which brings our total to 10, I think. I sat in with them while they watched.

It was then lunch time for everyone. Karl and I got to eat lunch together, and the older kids spent some time babysitting while I ‘attended’ another session at the same link above. This time I was blessed to hear an interview with Cathy Duffy, a longtime homeschool speaker and author, and a ‘pioneer’ in the homeschooling world!

The oldest three and myself got some Slurpees to go with our afternoon snacks…

Believe it or not, the two little girls are now in their beds for naps, though I don’t know if they are actually sleeping. I will be going to get them up momentarily because they don’t need a long nap since they both slept late! We don’t want to be up all night here…..

We will play a while when they get up. The other kids are reading/having their computer time. Then chores, dinner, and probably more reading…..work for me tonight. It’s been a nice, relaxed day, but I think we have all learned a lot!

The kids don’t know it yet, but I’m going to pay them for their help with the little ones…..

photo credit: Mr. Greenjeans via photopin cc

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2 Responses to Unschooling is my favorite…..

  1. bailbrae says:

    I am kinda in the same boat…I love the idea of unschooling, but I am having a hard time getting there. Or, getting there completely, lol. We do have certain programs/resources that they work on, like Time4Learning and SpellingCity. But they really do log on to those sites on their own. They enjoy them. Neither of them (2nd and 7th grades) feel like it’s hard or complicated. Having said that, they don’t log on every day. I try and stay out of it, only helping to plan and carry out specific projects, experiments, etc. I do intervene if they go several days without logging on (this most certainly doesn’t mean they have done nothing all day, lol, only that they didn’t work on those sites), but that only happens occasionally…far less frequently than I honestly thought it would. 🙂

    I’m glad that your unschooling journey is going well. I enjoyed reading this post…thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • inhistiming says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed reading. 🙂 I’ve wanted to embrace unschooling for a long time. Finding my way there has been interesting, and i’m still progressing and changing some of my ideas. We also have a T$L account for my 8 and 12 yo’s but I can’t say they’ve ever logged on without me telling them to. LOL They DO read voraciously, along with my 14 yo, and that is something I love! My 12 yo even is working through a writing program sue to her interest in writing a novel. Still have a ways to go here, but we’re following the path we feel God is leading us down, which does include at least some unschooling things. Glad to ‘see’ you here. Please visit again!

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