A day with friends

Yesterday I kept my friend’s children while she went to an appointment. She has 4 kids, so I had 9 children here. It was lots of fun! My children each had an age-mate (except Logan), so they had someone to play with. It was great!

We spent some time outside, they played hide-and-seek, the girls spent some time in Hailey’s room, the younger boys played some games on the landing (I could see and hear them from there, but the little one couldn’t get to their marbles!), Logan was able to complete his school work, and he helped watch the little ones while I prepared snacks/lunch. My friend returned and the play continued after we enjoyed lunch together. They stayed all day, not leaving until almost 4 p.m. They could have stayed even longer, but I had to drop meals off by 5 and they had swim lessons at 5.

We definitely need to get together again soon!

Here are some pics of our day:


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to A day with friends

  1. Yea for a fun day with friends – and getting school work done as well! I know you were a blessing to your friend. Hugs!

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