A snapshot of our day…..

Today was SAINTS for the older kids. After dropping them off, the little girls and I went to get a few more groceries for the week…..yes, we just went on Sunday…..then drove home.  They watched a movie and enjoyed a snack while I put the groceries away. By the time this was done I had decided that we would leave slightly early, pick up some lunch from Foster’s, and have a picnic at the park while waiting for their siblings to finish. That way, we would have lunch ready to go, the girls would be finished eating, and after putting them down for naps upon our return I would be able to drop Logan off to do some work for a friend. He’s earning money for his missions trip and leadership camp that will occur over the summer.

The afternoon was spent cleaning, doing laundry and other chores we usually do, and completing Logan’s chores that he wasn’t here to finish. I picked him up at 4;30 and we’ve been preparing since then to host the Boys’ Life Group…..last meeting of the year is tonight. 😦 They will have a ‘send-off’ on Saturday with a game of paintball, the boys and whichever fathers show up.

We’re hoping to meet a few times over the summer with the boys and their parents, and hopefully in the fall we can still meet with them weekly, or a couple of times a month but on a different day, as their high school group will meet at the church on Wednesday evenings.

Hailey’s last meeting was last night, and she will go on a camping trip with her group in a couple of weeks. Brave leaders she has! 🙂 Mamas may be enlisted to send food for their time there. That way, the leaders can focus on the girls instead of cooking!

I have work to do tonight, then hopefully enjoying some time with my husband later. He’s been in Miami yesterday and today and I miss him!



About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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