Food + relationships= chemistry!

Today started out with a request from Hailey, my 12-year-old, that I make some pumpkin muffins. Actually, she wanted to know how long it would take, and decided not to make them when she learned it might be up to an hour. She did wait, however, when I told her I was going to make them anyway.

And some pumpkin loaves. We were able to bless a friend with one of these, and we still have a loaf and 12 muffins for ourselves.

After breakfast the kids and I headed out to our first library trip in quite some time. It was pretty successful. No whiny little ones or anything. Not even mine!

Karl arrived home from his trip this afternoon and everyone was glad to see him. The three youngest kids played in the rain this afternoon while the rest of us looked on. Well, Elle tried to play, but she was not a fan of the cold rain drops and came under the porch roof pretty quickly. So, she watched and played on the patio, safely away from that cold stuff falling from the sky.

While I brought them in to dry off and eat dinner, Karl took the oldest two to The Block Party at church. He was planning to stay there and answer emails that came in while he was away, until they are finished. That means Corbin and I had Family Fun Night all to ourselves.

We started out with a game of Silly Sentences while dinner baked in the oven.

Ever seen a Crazy Crust?

This is from an Amish cookbook I’ve had a while.

Pretty crazy, right?

We played Go Fish while eating our pizza. Corbin plays a mean game of cards and beat me by double…..8 matches to my measly 4.

After we finished our game and our pizza, we tried making homemade ice cream for dessert. I don’t mean in an ice cream maker. This was with cream, sugar, vanilla, 4 gallon bags, 2 sandwich bags, some ice, salt, and our muscles! What did we end up with? Soupy, vanilla flavored cream, freezing hands, and some very tired arms. Corbin ended up scrounging in his Halloween bag (yes, we have Halloween candy left) for a stale Butterfinger. Mommy fail.

He didn’t hold it against me, though. We had a fun night, and it was really nice to spend some one-on-one time with my middle child.

P.S. in case you’re wondering, the school-age children did fit in some book work, it just didn’t make the cut for pictures.


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3 Responses to Food + relationships= chemistry!

  1. Your ice cream a/k/a soupy vanilla cream is re-assuring! So, I shouldn’t feel bad about the pomegranate sauce I tried to make this past Thanksgiving, completely from scratch? I had never purchased a fresh pomegranate before then–nor did I have the appropriate tools to strain the pomegranate seeds. Who knew they could have so many tiny, tiny seeds 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    That crazy pizza looks amazing!! I always forget about playing go fish. We are big into “uno” lately 🙂

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