Large-family-shopping at its best

Today we actually all loaded into the car after breakfast and went to Publix. Logan took a cart (with Emma in the seat) while Hailey grabbed a basket, and each with their short lists, went their separate ways as soon as we got there. Karl and Corbin walked around finding things off of my list in twos and threes as I made my way around the store. Elle was in my cart. It was quite fun and relaxing to stroll around, knowing I only had a small portion of the job to do. It will help the older kids learn where things are and to be helpful, so I think we may shop this way more often. A few times we did all gather together (the kids got their items quickly and I had to give them more to find!) and may have gotten a strange look or three. 😉 It is not often that you see a party of 7 shopping together, I guess. 😉

Corbin helped me prepare dinner tonight. We made Spicy Chicken Quesadillas and they were delicious! Served with Karl’s yummy homemade guacamole and tortilla chips, we had ourselves a tasty meal.

Corbin volunteered to chop the green onions. Poor boy, even though they made his eyes water, he saw the job through to the end!

Don’t worry, even though his eyes are closed here, I asked him to pose for me and the knife was not moving!

Emma and Elle got baths after dinner, and Emma an impromptu hair trimming. She’s been needing it, due to impossible tangles and split ends so, since her Daddy was home, he gave her her first haircut. She was so cute, and even though I was worried her curls would disappear, I think the shorter length is actually going to make it seem more curly. Like Mommy’s! We’ll see when she wakes up in the morning.

Here’s a little peek at her hair before the trim.

You’ll just have to check back tomorrow for a look at her new ‘do’. 🙂

The older kids and Karl had a fun game of ping-pong after the little ones went to bed, taking turns playing each other. Our dining table makes a good substitute ping-pong-table.

After that, we had a surprise for the kids…..a viewing of the American Idol semi-finals results show…..and ice cream.


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3 Responses to Large-family-shopping at its best

  1. Mimi says:

    You know I love hair adventures….looking forward to the after photo 🙂 I’m impressed that C was chopping the onions through “onion tears”. That’s hard to do.

  2. I love your perspective! I’ve taken to doing the shopping solo just to get it done. Didn’t think about having kids help out so they know where things are! Yea. May try that in our house. And…didn’t think about David’s being old enough for a knife in the kitchen. I guess I really do look at him as the baby – something I never thought I’d do! Thanks for sharing and enriching my life, my friend. Hugs! 🙂

    • inhistiming says:

      Well, Corbin was our ‘baby’ for almost 6 years, so he still gets lumped into the baby category plenty of times! I asked if anyone wanted help, he id, and he asked me if he could cut the onions. Eeek! It was a concentrated effort to let him be that almost-9-year-old instead of telling him he was too young. He has done this once or twice before with other things and did fine….and he did great again yesterday. I DO always worry, though, being a bit clumsy with knives myself.

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