Homeschooling in Florida

As a Florida homeschooler, I have it easy compared to those in other states. Florida is a less-regulated state than New York, though higher-regulated than Texas. I have said from the beginning, “If I can homeschool in New York, I can homeschool anywhere!”

However, since moving to Florida about 2.5 years ago, I have discovered that all of the legal options are not usually discussed. At least, they weren’t at the parent meetings I attended. To help combat the lack of disclosure I have experienced, I have posted a link below that will take you to the homeschool laws for Florida, as listed on the HSLDA web site. Be sure to read the descriptions thoroughly and explore all of your options before choosing. We chose to go a different route than most that is better for our family. Maybe you would like to do the same.

Florida State Homeschooling Laws


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