My first Pampered Chef show

Though I became an independent consultant for The Pampered Chef near the end of March, I just hosted my first show tonight in my own home. I enjoyed making the delicious food, and conversation with friends is always great! I have a show booked for June, so that’s a big plus. I can’t wait to get some more practice speaking in front of a group (has not been my strong-suit) and learning more about the products that I am not as familiar with. I’ll be brushing up on my skills and my knowledge before the next show! My family will be the guinea pigs, but they’re never shy about trying new foods. 😉 Hailey wants to be my helper, but what I think she really wants is to ‘help’ me by eating the food. I kept catching her sneaking appetizers off the tray tonight! LOL 🙂 I have to admit, they were good.


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to My first Pampered Chef show

  1. Mimi says:

    Love PC products. Good stuff!

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