A family weekend

Yesterday found us spending several hours with Karl’s parents. They came down to hang out a while. We went out for pizza mid-day, and enjoyed some cookies and a watermelon that they brought along. It was fun watching Elle eat hers. It was her first taste of this yummy fruit.

I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. 😉

Today we hosted some family members that we hadn’t met (except the original cousin). Four adults and nine kids….let me tell you it was buzzing around here, but I loved it!

Corbin had two boys close to his age to play with, and Emma, despite the 4-year-old boy’s efforts to avoid her (poor fella), found a way to insert herself into all the action.

One of the boys is a budding artist…..isn’t that a beautiful scene?

And then the 2-year-old….well, you all know how I love the wee ones. 😉

We tried to get some photos of all the kids together…..

Some weren’t feeling cooperative….

Ha ha! I’m so glad we finally got together and we have made plans to do it again soon. I can’t wait, and Corbin is ecstatic just thinking about it!

To backtrack a little, our neighbor (the one who always brings us mangoes and avocados this time of year) rang our doorbell Friday afternoon to let me know that our bananas were ‘ready’.

She gave me instructions, to pass on to Karl, to cut them down and put them in the garage (to ripen, I presume?), so the raccoons don’t eat them.

He did so that evening, and we are anxiously awaiting the first ripe one!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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