On my way….

Today is our last day in Virginia. We will be getting on a plane around 8 o’clock tonight to head home. I am so excited to see my kids again, and bummed that we get in so late that I’ll have to wait ’til morning. 😦 But, it will be fun to get them up in the morning myself.

We were giving the sellers our list of ‘fixes’ this morning. I haven’t heard from Karl yet saying how they reacted. We have our #2 and #3 houses picked out just in case they won’t take care of the one or two absolutely necessary things, but neither of us (nor our realtor) really believes that will be an issue. Prayer helps though, so get to it folks! LOL

I contacted the friend (who lives here) of a Florida friend, and she gave me some wonderful homeschooling information as far as groups, activities, web sites, etc. I feel I am well on my way to getting those things figured out, too.

I have to be out of our room by 1 p.m. today. 😦 They are completely booked tonight, so that’s as late as they can let me stay. I’ll be hanging out in the lobby, getting comfy on their couches there for several hours of work and/or pleasure reading. Hope they don’t mind. When Karl is done at work we will head out to dinner then to the airport.

Our sweet friend Sunita arrives tomorrow for a 3-night stay! And we’ll even get to see her mom for a bit this time, an added bonus, as it’s been quite a while!

I’ll be back with updates, photos, etc. within a few days. See you all soon!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to On my way….

  1. Mimi says:

    Praying and hoping the sellers fix the problems!

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