The craziness has begun……

We hit a bit of a snag with the house, but it appears we’re working through it. We know God is faithful and He will bring us through whatever He brings us to, even in regards to a house! But, as always, prayers are desired and so helpful. 😉

Things are busy here this week. We got home and had a visitor arrive about 12 hours after we got back. A much-wanted visitor, of course! We played numerous games of Boggle, the kids played basketball at the community court and charades upstairs, we enjoyed milkshakes one night and chocolate chip cookie bars another, watched a movie together, talked late some nights, endured hilarious photo sessions, and sorted through old wedding pictures and other photos of the kids when they were small. They even found a shot of me in a bikini (gasp!) in my wanna-be-a-model days! Saturday afternoon arrived too soon, and our sweet Sunita had to go. We miss her joyful presence, but we look forward to next year’s visit in Virginia. It is always a joy to have you, Sunita, and we hope you hurry back!

This week is filled with phone calls, a therapy session, horseback riding, our unit study meeting (which involves water guns and Alka Seltzer….yep, I’ll have to post pictures of that one!), and trips to the post office, the bank, and likely several department stores to find all the necessary supplies for Logan and Hailey’s mission trip next week. Yes, they leave on Monday. Eeeek!

Their letters went out late. If you get one later this week it’s not too late to give, but we would also appreciate your prayers covering them as they serve, and me as I survive a toddler and a preschooler without my oldest two helpers!


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6 Responses to The craziness has begun……

  1. Where are your oldest heading off to?

  2. Mimi says:

    I hope all works out with the house, and the snag! I remember your little friend visiting last year 🙂 Sounds like a nice beginning to summer 🙂

    • inhistiming says:

      Mimi, we have since come to an agreement with the sellers on the ‘snags’ and have also signed and sent n our mortgage paperwork. We had movers here today assessing costs to move all our stuff. Now we just need to decide if we are going to use them and in what capacity. Contractors have either already been or are schedule to go to the house to perform repairs that were needed and the septic folks went out to pump out the septic tank……now have to go repair the damage they did to the yard. All in all, things are moving well. Closing is set for July 13-ish, unless there is an unforeseen problem, but we won’t go up until a bit later in the month due to the leadership camp Logan will attend that same week.

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