A list of new-house wants

We have a few things that we have been planning to purchase, but since we were unsure of where God wanted us, we have been waiting….and waiting…..

Here is the condition of our current dining room table and chairs:

They are actually not that bad…..could probably be refurbished.

I’ve seen some cute ideas on Pinterest. Here’s one. Or this? But I’ll be honest, I have never been a good ‘finisher of projects’, especially crafty ones! Besides, our family has out-grown the ‘table-for-six’. We are giving these away! If you are crafty and want to try to do something with this, please get in touch. We would love to see it go to someone we know!

Here is a link to the table we want to buy when we get to VA….hoping to coordinate delivery with our arrival date, or there ’bouts.

We are also leaving without our king-sized mattress and boxsprings. They are close to 13 years old and we need a new set. Karl’s back is telling us it’s time! Again, any takers, contact us.

Here a set we would like to acquire…..or something very similar. We do plan to find it for less money than the one linked. Karl is actually planning to order it soon so we can take advantage of a sale we saw while in VA earlier this month, and coordinate that delivery with our arrival as well.

Also on the list is Expedit shelving from Ikea for our ‘library’….we are not going to use the formal dining room for dining. Instead, it will function as a library/school room/reading room/play area. We’re not sure of the exact configuration of the units yet.

We will immediately replace the carpeting in the boys’ room because both boys (especially Corbin) are allergic to dust mites, and wood flooring is highly recommended for his sleeping area by his allergist. Poor fella, allergic to trees and such too, he needs to be able to at least sleep in an allergen-free (as much as possible) environment. I don’t have a picture of the flooring we want, as that is more detailed and we will have to search once we arrive in the area.

We also must buy a new washer and dryer because the ones here were with the house, and we sold the ones we owned when we left New York. Again, we’re not sure which brand we want, but I think we both agree we want another set of front-loaders. They are great!

So, that’s my short list. Do you have any ‘wants’ for which you are currently saving your pennies?


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2 Responses to A list of new-house wants

  1. Mimi says:

    I really like the table/chairs you are thinking of purchasing. The expedit shelves are great. You can stand them up, or put them on their side. Love them! The Billy bookcases at Ikea are also great. We will need so many things with our next move. Makes my head spin thinking about it, but it’s fun, too. Have you thought about wood laminate flooring. We’ve had both wood and laminate….the laminate was so easy to care for, and much less expensive. Happy planning!

  2. inhistiming says:

    We have thought about both wood floors and laminate. We’re kind of waiting until we get there to see the floors again, and go from there depending on what would look and hold up best. Thanks, it’s fun. Actually off (virtually, that is) to go shop for bedding, too!

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