Math ‘problems’

While grading math papers, helping my younger son with his math, keeping the baby out of the kitchen cabinets, and reading to Emma, I was also researching math programs online this morning. Can any of you give me tips on what might best meet the following requirements?

  • automatic grading
  • online or cd teaching
  • all the way up to 12th grade

I was looking at Teaching Textbooks, and may still use it for the younger kids, but the automatic grading is not available past 7th grade. We just cannot keep up with the grading and feel we are doing our children a disservice by not keeping up. We also have one child who continues to struggle with understanding math.

How is Khan Academy, Aleks math, Monarch, Math U See? Have any other suggestions for me?

I would love some input on this from you experienced ones! Thanks!


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4 Responses to Math ‘problems’

  1. Tracey Haskell says:

    khan is good for if your child needs help with a certain subject of math.

  2. Mimi says:

    I’m going to send you a more specific email…..Greg and I just heard a great lecture on mastery learning and math. Also, we like MUS. I’m not sure which vendor has automated grading.

  3. Susan Krebs says:

    As you know, I am not a homeschooler, but I am a math teacher. I have never seen a curriculum that is good 1st – 12th. Many are good until 8th grade. Usually that is the time you begin algebra and other high school courses. I like the Khan Academy videos that are on line and often recommend them to a student that needs a little more help. I find that curriculum intriguing and hope to learn more about it. Once you hit algebra, you are probably not going to find automatic grading. At that level, partial credit is so important. The process of HOW to get an answer becomes more important than WHAT the answer actually is. As much as I dislike teaching from Saxon, I will say that their upper level books have great solutions manuals that you can order. Every problem is worked out , with all work shown – a great tool to let students use to grade their own. I would look for that feature in whatever you choose. After 10 years of Saxon Math, Calvary will be looking for something new for the 2013-14 school year. This is our year to search. We will be looking for a curriculum that works K-6th (or maybe something K-3rd and something different for 4th-6th) and something different for 7th pre-algebra and 8th algebra 1. I am interested in reading any blogs you post about your findings. Good Luck!

    • inhistiming says:

      Hmmmmm, why is CC switching? My husband has been grading Logan’s because he is the ‘higher math’ person in our home. But, I guess Logan is probably capable of grading his own work and re-doing. Maybe we could just grade the tests? Monarch (with AOP) is online grading but it’s fairly new so I don’t know anyone who has used it. We have been using Saxon since about 5th grade. He likes it and is doing fairly well, according to Karl. Maybe if I can find something for the younger ones, we won’t need to switch Logan;s up. Or maybe, I can just get way more organized and keep up with it better. I’ll let you know if I DO find anything amazing! Thanks for stopping by to offer your advice. 🙂

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