The latest in packing progress…..

Here’s the down-low:

  • The second POD leaves tomorrow afternoon, so we still have a few things we need to get in there before noon. We get to sleep on our own mattresses for one more night. Yay!
  • We are meeting with a group of friends tomorrow afternoon for a farewell. Expecting it to be fun but sad, too.
  • We attended our last church service here. I have no words.
  • We were supposed to join 5 other families in the baby dedication today but decided yesterday to cancel. We just couldn’t risk a ‘show’ on stage……with a new child (or one of us) sick each day for 5 days straight, we just didn’t know what might happen up there!
  • We are sitting down to relax a bit now after a long day of packing and loading. Turtle cheesecake, here I come!

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wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to The latest in packing progress…..

  1. mamadisciple says:

    I hope you got all the cheesecake eaten. I’d hate for you to have to pack that!!! 😉
    You really want twin boys someday?

    • inhistiming says:

      Ha! Don’t worry, cheesecake is GONE!

      Yes. Or twin girls. Or just a singleton. ☺ I DID have a dream that I had twin boys though, when Emma was 6 mths old. Dark hair, eyes, and skin like Daddy. Names were Anthony and Timothy. ☺ So, who knows what might happen? God can work miracles.

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