How did we end up here?

Now that we are getting settled in our new home in Virginia, Karl has begun going to the office, and things are beginning to look a little more ‘normal’ (what’s that?), I would like to try to go back and tell our story about how we ended up here.

I have mentioned several times here, and even asked for prayer about, our period of waiting on God. After we moved to Wellington, Florida, we were supposed to move to Miami. However, we had difficulty finding a house there, so we decided to remain in the house we were renting. Karl would continue to commute as needed, and work from home the rest of the time, while we tried to find a house in the town where we were already living. After looking at and bidding on several homes (5 different offers in all between Miami and Wellington) we were still left without a home to call our own by fall of 2011. At that point, we decided it had become quite clear that God just did not want us to buy a house in Florida. We didn’t know why. We didn’t know what to do. All we did know was that we obviously were being told to wait. We did not want to force anything, so wait we did.

During the time from about January of 2011 until May of 2012, various conversations had taken place between Karl and a few folks within his company, where a possible move to VA had been mentioned. But, there was never an offer. We always had to give them “more time”. So, we gave them time. We continued to wait, and pray, and I’ll admit, chomp at the bit to get out of Florida! It was tough for me, because even though I wasn’t a fan of Florida…..the heat, the lack of seasons, the lack of the types of things we as a family like to do…..I didn’t really want to move again. Five moves since 2005 was enough, yet we didn’t feel as if Florida was home.

As time continued on, the kids were becoming more entrenched in groups and with their friends. I was also getting more involved and forming relationships. We all adored our church. The kids were learning and growing. Logan had been selected to take part in very special leadership opportunities, really growing into himself during the time we were there. I credit his youth ministers for that…..God has done a mighty work in him through them! SO many opportunities, so much I didn’t have, that Karl didn’t have, as youths in our churches.

Did we really want to pull them away from all of that? 

*This story will need to be told in several parts. Please visit again soon to see Part 2!


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4 Responses to How did we end up here?

  1. Kara says:

    Don’t leave me hanging too long for part two! ;). VA is beautiful. So much history, so many beautiful old homes. I love sightseeing when we drive through on our way to NY.

  2. Erin Lee says:

    know what you mean. We are in the same boat re: waiting on the Lord for direction, wanting to move into a home of our own and yet not wanting to leave the church some of us in the family love and where I’ve seen God move in my children. Lots of late night prayers!! Fearful we wont’ find another church home as good as this one… Can’t wait to read installment 2 to see how God was faithful to you and your kids!! Wendy, thank you for your encouragement and reminders of God’s best for us, His children

    • inhistiming says:

      Erin, so glad it’s been encouraging to you! I was hoping someone would be. It has been interesting and encouraging to us to see the things God is doing. We had the same fears, I understand. Prayers going up for you and yours! Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  3. Erin Lee says:


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