How did we end up here? (Part 4)

So, in order for Karl and I to make such a quick trip to VA, my mom and dad agreed to drive down from Alabama and stay with our kids. Sweet! They are always there to help us. 😉 We left the following Thursday morning and headed straight to the realtor’s office after dropping our things off at our hotel. We had to get started right away, because our goal was to have an offer on a house, and hopefully accepted, before we left town.

A little information before I go any further….Karl had met with a realtor during one of his trips to VA during the winter, just to be prepared in case we were asked to move. So we had been looking at homes on a web site set up especially for us, to our specifications, for about 6 months already. We had a favorites list and we were going to be looking at houses taken from that list. We had been praying that God would lead us to the right house for our family. The night before we left, Karl was having trouble sleeping. He was tossing and turning, keeping me awake, so I asked him what was wrong. He said he was thinking about the houses, and just the trip in general….worrying….We talked about it and decided to pray together right then about the situation. I encouraged him to remember that God was moving us and that He would help us find a home. We were both able to get to sleep fairly easily after talking and praying together.

We arrived at the realtor’s office by late afternoon….his name is Karl, by the way. 😉 We discussed which houses we would be seeing, we were offered water, etc. All the while, I was taking in his office. This is what caught my attention as I looked around the room:











God had led us to a christian realtor 6 months before we even knew we would be moving! This fact gave me every confidence that, no matter which house we ended up with, it would be God-designed for us.

We did not, however, expect what God did next.


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2 Responses to How did we end up here? (Part 4)

  1. Erin lee says:

    you should write for television shows!! You have the end ot the season cliff hangers down pat-LOL. Looking with baited breathe for part 5-hee hee

    • inhistiming says:

      Ha ha, Erin! I just want to make sure you all come back to find out what happens next. 😉 I’ve been amazed at God’s hand in this. I’m hoping my testimony of His faithfulness can be an encouragement to others. Thanks for reading!

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