How did we end up here? (Final)

We spent the weekend wondering haggling with the sellers over a few little things with the house, kind of wondering if the deal was going to fall through, but trusting that God had our backs and that with everything else going so perfectly, this had to be ‘the one’! We were right. We were able to fly home the following Tuesday with paperwork for our new home in Karl’s backpack. :

As always with Karl’s company, the move went quickly after we found out it was a go. We had been told we could move on June 1, 2012, and we pulled into our new driveway the evening of July 24, 2012! We just couldn’t spend a second night in a hotel. After keeping most of the biggies (treehouse!) a secret from the kids, we wanted to get here and let them discover it all.

We spent about a week ‘camping’ in the house with almost no furniture until our PODs arrived. Then we were able to get them unloaded and get mostly moved in. We have found our dining room table, another first. It was the first one we looked at and ended up coming back to it! Β Our last chair (they didn’t have enough) will be delivered this Friday. We have installed most of our library shelves….still need to get one more (we were unsure it would fit) from IKEA. We found a church (a first….a theme with this move!). One of our neighbors told us about her church. We decided to try and have stayed. We all love it! The kids are getting involved….dinners, cook outs, sports events, fun nights. Karl and I have signed up for a bible study that begins on Sept. 10. We really feel blessed to have found a church that is thriving, and is truly teaching God’s word, so quickly. Plus, we are only about 6 minutes from the place, so we can take the kids there for any event that they would like to attend, which was another things on our ‘wants’ list for this move.

God continues to answer our prayers and show us His favor. I cannot believe how blessed we are. Yet, I can….I mean, God is love. It’s just so amazing, I keep reminding myself that we are really here, in this place, and it is perfect for us. And that is because we waited on God. It was tough sometimes! We wanted something to happen! But we also knew that we did not want to force anything.

Seeing how He has worked everything out for the good of His…..we are living an abundant life. I am so grateful, so glad we waited. What could we have chosen that would have been better? Or even anywhere close to this?

I will update more as the months go on…..I just had to tell you all our God-story. I hope it has been an encouragement to you!


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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8 Responses to How did we end up here? (Final)

  1. OOOHHH – did you write this just for me??? πŸ™‚ “in this place, and it is perfect for us. And that is because we waited on God.” Still processing that balance. I love reading your story, and I’m glad I knew it all before you wrote it because you really kept us hanging! πŸ™‚ LOVE you!

    • inhistiming says:

      You….and maybe a few others. I had fun writing it. The process took me through, again, God’s goodness and faithfulness. Karl decided to go back and read it again from the beginning. I guess living it just wasn’t enough! LOL

  2. Crystal says:

    So glad you ended up here and I can get to know you.

  3. Stacy says:

    Heh – I’ve lived in the same place, more or less, my whole life… and I still can’t find a church! WTG Wendy!

  4. Mimi says:

    Thanks for sharing your God-story πŸ™‚ Being alongside you with our moves and job stuff….it’s awesome to see you all planted where He wants you. Happy days!!

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