A week in the life of this homeschool mom

We’ve been busy around here, hence the lack of posting. So sorry! I really have been thinking of you. We’ve been arranging for piano and guitar lessons, biology and art classes. I went to a Mom’s Night Out dinner with some really sweet ladies. The older three and I attended a fun park day, in 94 degree weather no less, and had a great time. I searched high and low to find a fan for the little girls’ room when our AC quit while Karl was away. Logan put together said fan. Karl fixed the AC upon his return…..by putting new batteries in the thermostat. LOL

Yes, really!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get MY work, housework, time with the kids, and time with Karl to fit into each day. Do you know?

Oh, and we homeschool, too.

And no, the photo has nothing to do with anything except I wanted a pic and I thought this one was pretty. Relaxing…..

We do still have some boxes to unpack but we’ve made good progress. You wouldn’t believe how many boxes had books! Well, maybe you would if you’re a homeschooling family. Karl got our last shelf while he was away. He has also been working hard on framing in the boys’ closets. One more board to go and then he can start with the drywall. He worked on wiring today for a light in Logan’s closet. It’s all coming together. Another week or two and they’ll actually have a place to hang their clothes! Yay.

I had a call from Gretchen, our service coordinator here in VA. We will be meeting with her soon, as well as a speech therapist AND an occupational therapist to decide on a new plan for Elle. I’m excited to get back to her sessions. She is continuing to make progress, but I loved watching and learning from her sessions, and also the joy it brought her.

We got our license plates and driver’s licenses last week. I think that is a new record! We moved to Florida in November of 2009 and just got our driver’s licenses in May…..yes, just 3 months ago. That is awful, I know. There were extenuating circumstances, though, I promise. 😉

We planted some carrots and lettuce a week or so ago. We have cute little green things growing in our raised beds. I took pics but I don’t have the energy to post them now. I will soon, along with pics of Logan building the fan and Karl’s closet handiwork. I know you cannot wait! Ha ha!

Well, I know I’ve been all over the place. Welcome to my world. You may have to get used to it because I don’t see it ending. Things are hopping around here!

Still feeling blessed by God. 🙂

Be back soon. I hope.

 lisa 1377 busy…busy via photo pin cc


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