Discovering science in our own backyard

Today has been a day of science discovery, in a way. As we were sitting at the kitchen table this afternoon, my daughter pointed out an animal in the backyard. After observing for a few moments (we’ve seen this little guy before) I did a google search and decided he was a groundhog.

He hung out under our oak tree for a bit, seemingly eating acorns. It was fun to watch him. Hopefully, he’ll visit again, and I  pray we won’t have any unfortunate up-close-and-personal encounters! 😉




While we were outside this morning letting the girls get in some swinging time and water play, I spotted a chipmunk near the side of our house. I haven’t seen them since we were in New York, so it was quite a nice surprise.

However, it also lets me know in advance that I will need to defend my tomatoes in the spring. Our chipmunk friend in NY loved to steal up onto our deck and snatch my cherry tomatoes right off the vine. Be warned little chipmunk friend, I will be watching for you!


We also experienced our first “it’s cold” moment outside this morning. There was a bit of a breeze and I actually felt like I needed a sweater in the shade. Corbin said he was chilly too. It was nice.






A promise of the fall to come.

photo credit: Eric Bégin via photo pin cc

photo credit: lokidude99 via photo pin cc

photo credit: Chiot’s Run via photo pin cc


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One Response to Discovering science in our own backyard

  1. Adorable photos! I pinned them for my board “My Father’s World.” Hope that’s okay – I put your blog address in the comments.

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