D is for Digging Deep

I am attending a bible study each Monday night with my husband. We are studying the book of Genesis right now, and will eventually get through the entire old testament. This study has captured our attention! We are, surprisingly, captivated by the story of creation. Which, really, it shouldn’t be surprising, but I say that because the leaders of the study are helping us to see the book with new eyes. We are reading and studying very carefully what each verse says and discussing it, then moving on to what it means, and ending with what it means to each of us individually. It is a great study! We have also met some wonderful people there and we cannot wait each week for Monday night to arrive so we can go dig deep into God’s word with fellow believers again!

I am homeschooling, as you should already know. I am also doing some volunteer work for TOS as well as working as a paid staff member as of September 1, 2012, plus the work I was already doing for Kitchen Heaven. There are other things I am doing that all households involve….cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. All of these things are causing me to work at becoming more disciplined. I can no longer just get the work done when I get to it. I am learning that I need to be very deliberate. I am digging deep into myself, in order to find the necessary resolve to do what it takes to complete my work with excellence. I always want to, but making it happen takes planning.

Some of you know of the struggles we have had, and still do have, with Elle and her communication. We are finally back to receiving her in-home instruction. We are also going to have her assessed soon to find out if there is a need for occupational therapy, which will take place in the home as well, if it is necessary. We experience a lot of screaming in the house. Elle has quite a few words, but she often does no use them. She resorts to whining/crying first much of the time. We are working with her to encourage her to ask and/or sign for what she wants. It is a challenge. This ‘challenge’ does not always bring out the best in me, I admit. I am learning that I must dig deep, way down deep, to find the understanding, patience, and compassion necessary to work through these issues. I need to dig deeper and lean on God more in every moment in order to be more successful more of the time.

Thank you for reading and for joining with me in prayer as I dig deeper this week and over the course of the next months. I know God is growing me closer to Him and to my family through these ‘trials’.

We are also abundantly blessed and I do see that, as well. 😉

photo credit: doozzle via photopin cc

By the way, I’m Blogging Through the Alphabet with Marcy, again. Maybe you’d like to join us?

Blogging Through the Alphabet


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3 Responses to D is for Digging Deep

  1. Kym Thorpe says:

    Praying for you as you dig. Lately I’ve been convicted of the need to dig deeper into the Word myself.

  2. A few things you say here really resonate with me, I think I need to have a D for delilberate, discipline. It has gotten too easy lately to “let things go.” How wonderful to have a good study group!

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