Time marches on…..

We have been so busy over the last several weeks and it has been really tough to eke out any time to write! Karl has been traveling all month for work and will continue into November, at least in part. I took on a part-time staff position with the marketing department for TOS in September, then in October added 5 more hours, for a total of 10 per week. That is in addition to the up-to-10 hours with Kitchen Heaven I was already doing. We also have some unpacking and organizing still left to do, plus we started our school year in September, as well as our co-op. Trying to figure out a workable schedule has taken some doing, but I think we are almost back on track. 🙂 My parents are here visiting, so we will actually be taking a bit more time ‘off’ before we really hit the books hard at the end of November. Our vacation time in GA better be good because we have towork A LOT between Thanksgiving and Christmas, on many things!

I am also a new Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. I have been using their skin care products for several years now and I finally decided to take the plunge and become a consultant. I’m always recommending MK products anyway. This way, I at least will be the one to benefit. 🙂 Please visit my web site. You may place an order directly from the site or you can email, text, or call me to ask questions or place an order. I’m excited to share that I have already placed two customer orders within the week that I have been a consultant and I look forward to helping you with your own skin care and makeup needs. Mary Kay products also make great gifts!

My other ‘venture’ is that I am looking to help companies promote their businesses via social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I am already doing some of this with the two companies for which I work and I enjoy it very much, so I thought I would love to help other companies in the same way. You can visit my Facebook page, Professional Marketing Assistance, at https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalMarketingAssistance?ref=hl. Contact me with questions or to request services. Please ‘like’ my page while you are there, as this helps me to learn more about how my page is doing.

Other things have been happening, too. We celebrated Elle’s 2nd birthday last month. It was a low-key family affair, but we all had fun. I’ll post pictures sometime soon. We pulled some of our carrots and harvested some of our lettuce. It was yummy, though the carrots were a bit small. I am in the process of planning a ‘holiday market’ for local homeschooling families who also have a home business, such as The Pampered Chef, Thirty One Gifts, photographers, craft items, baked goods,etc. I’m hoping we will have enough interest and will soon be able to find a location where we can hold the event. I still need to decide, with the interested parties, on a date that works for everyone.

So busy, busy, busy….but good. We are still enjoying our bible study and Hailey her Life Group. I am still thrilled that we found our church right away. It’s wonderful! I am still planning to fill up my Homeschooling and Recipes tabs up top.

Pray for me as I organize my time and take care of my family, too. It’s a lot, but we are so blessed. I love my life!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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