What’s coming up for us…..

In the past week we have celebrated a birthday (mine), spent some time with friends at dinner, and attended a play at the university. So great, and the tickets for 2 cost us less than $5! 😉  Our friends suggested a meal at a local Indian restaurant. We were up for it as we had never been out for Indian cuisine. We had tasted it before because we used to have a neighbor who would prepare it and bring some over for us to try from time to time. We are so glad we decided to visit the new place. We’re adding it to our list of great local places! I will say the dish I ordered was delicious, but seriously, what I brought home was enough to feed two people and I ate a ton of it while there! I enjoyed it as my lunch today, too.

Karl just had the kids fold about 5 loads of laundry that has been sitting in our hallway waiting to be dealt with….so happy when he takes charge like that. 😉 Now I just need to take care of the two large bins of clothing in Emma’s and Elle’s room that need to be put away. I will be doing some serious downsizing on clothing for all of the kids, but especially the little girls! They have too much. It’s annoying and very inefficient to dig through tubs to find clothes each day…..I really want to pair it down so I can hang or fold everything and easily find their clothes for each day. I can hope, right?

Karl has been traveling for the last several weeks, only home on weekends. Thankfully, he has been able to work it out so he can be here and work out of his local office this week. Home each night. Yes!

This week we will be packing for our Thanksgiving trip. On our way to Georgia, we also get to meet some folks that I work with (for the first time), and enjoy an early Thanksgiving feast with them. Plus, we get to stay with some old friends that evening. Then a week with the family on Karl’s side. Looking forward to seeing everyone, including my newest nephew!

Our evening view one night this week from our back deck…..


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2 Responses to What’s coming up for us…..

  1. twolessusan says:

    We do the minimal clothing thing. Can’t say enough good about it! We have a closet in our laundry room. We hang all the girls clothes in there. It help so much to keep the mess down, but it’s still a battle.

    • inhistiming says:

      Thanks, Susan. I read someone’s idea recently to have only 7 outfits per child. A variation on that was to then have a few separate church outfits, too. I’m thinking of doing that. Deciding what to get rid of and what to keep will be the hardest part, I think! Glad to know it works for y’all.

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