Family Library Day


Today is library day in our house.

The kids don’t know it yet….I’m waiting for them to complete chores before making the ‘big announcement’. 🙂 We have not gone since well before Thanksgiving, except for the trip I made to return overdue books.

Today I will need to pay our overdue fees (hope it’s not too much!) and we will check out more books. I found that I am not alone in my ‘library fine’ dilemma. Apparently quite a few homeschool moms are right there with me. I think MY particular issue is we don’t have a pattern of travel. I mean, we don’t go past the library every Tuesday on the way to a class or every other Friday when we go to co-op, etc., so it takes special effort to get there.

I believe, in the new year, we will begin going weekly. I plan to find out today when the story time is for the girls, and we’ll go on that day each week. The older ones can get their books while we do story time and then we’ll go home. Or, we may take one day to do ALL errands, so maybe we would go to the library, go get lunch, then go to the post office, bank, and grocery store all on the same day. That seems to work for many families. I’m not so sure I can fit all of our groceries into the expedition at the same time as all the kids though, so I’ll need to think that one through.

How do you all schedule chores, errands, library days, and other activities?

photo credit: Marxchivist via photopin cc 


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