I find it quite ironic that I wrote this post quite in the midst of taking on something that I was not called by God to do…..it took a couple of months for me to realize it.

Now I am back to step 2. Is it a good thing or a God-thing?

I will be weighing this more carefully from now on. 😉

Following In His Footsteps

Last week we started our ‘official’ school year. Up ’til last Monday we haven’t really had a schedule, except for chores, and that is still in flux since we just moved here over the summer. Anyway, last week we got started on some more learning endeavors. Logan with his high school courses, Hailey and Corbin using several Apps on my iPad. I also took on some additional work last week with TOS, so we have been busier than usual. Between work, homeschooling, cooking, and cleaning, I barely sat down to rest unless it was late at night. I’m talking midnight, people. That is when I shut my mind down and read. I love to read, so even if it was just 10 minutes a night, I had to get in some reading no matter the time! (My current reading material is a series by Ted Dekker, The Lost Books, then I’ll…

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