God has the answers


God has the answers….

I don’t have the answers when my eldest daughter asks, “Why did God make my eye like this?”

I don’t have the answers when I ask, “Why does Elle seem to have so many ‘sensory’ issues?”

I do not have the answers when my youngest son wants to know why he must wear the tooth guard the orthodontist sent home for him….it’s to prevent his headaches, but I mean I don’t have the real answers.

And I do not have the answers to why sweet schoolchildren were gunned down.

I don’t have the answers, but God does.

Often, we must go through pain to get to the other side. Many times, because we have experienced a certain something, we will be able to identify later with that person God placed in our path just so we can help encourage them along the way. I’m still learning this.

None of us wants to see others in pain. We desire to protect our children, to give them all that they need and want, and more! And we must do all that we can to keep them safe and to teach them His ways. But they also need to live a real, authentic life! And though we do need to shelter them in the sense of protecting them from harm, I also believe we need to help them to live life with their eyes wide open!  So they can see the evils in the world and the need for each life to be touched by God. Most importantly, what their role will be in helping to touch others for Christ.

So pointing them to Him is my goal. I often fail. But He redeems me.

How are you pointing others back to Him? How do you answer life’s tough questions? Please share!


photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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