Letting it go…..

Yes, I know, I am late with those recipes. After my last post we were battling a cold with my youngest daughter who also was sleeping hardly at all. Now she is over her cold and is also sleeping better…..but Mommy has come down with her ‘illness’. Stuffy nose, sore throat, hot/cold flashes, and body aches. No fun! I have been trying to rest, and I have been online a lot, but I’ve been avoiding any real ‘thinking’ posts. Hence the lack of recipes. I promise, I will get them uploaded as soon as I feel up to it! You will also find them on Pinterest.

Does anyone else find it interesting that my word for the new year is Surrender….and I have basically had to surrender all of my plans for the New Year for the first 14 days of this new year? It is not lost on me, I’ll tell you. It has been a daily letting go.

I’ve had to let go of my expectations for our schooling and the schedule I planned. Karl has had to let go of a presentable wife and even a happy wife some days……a sleepless me is not pretty, and I don’t mean my hair or makeup! The kids have had to step up and help out with childcare, cooking, coffee-warming for Mom. Actually, they help out a lot with those things anyway, so they’ve done great. I have at least been able to keep my commitments to prepare meals for two families. My answer for this week is to send a gift card to each rather than take a meal, still doing my part to serve them but saving them also from exposure to my germs.

We will celebrate two birthdays this week and I will have to forge through, and rest when they’re over, in order to help bring joy to my children’s special days. I can do it in God’s strength….letting that go, too, since I know I cannot do it without Him! We do have some special fun planned, so I hope they enjoy it. We’ll have two teenagers by Sunday. Eeeek!

I also have work that needs to be completed. It is only part time, so not a ton to do, but deadlines all the same. Need strength to get it all done, and well, in a timely fashion. I just need to continue to surrender, moment by moment if necessary.

What have you had to surrender so far this year?


photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert via photopin cc


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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2 Responses to Letting it go…..

  1. Tracey Haskell says:

    my school schedule..just now able to get a start back to school today. Just doing a lap book wrap up on our election study..pre alg..going back to 7th grade math for my oldest…

  2. inhistiming says:

    Totally identify, Tracey! We’ll be doing as much as we can/as much as mom can stand and get to full-swing once I feel better.

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