A trial run

Many of you know about our concerns about Elle and that she has developmental delays. If you want to know the whole story, click on these links to learn more.

The reason for my rejoicing

The backstory to my rejoicing, Part 1

The backstory to my rejoicing, Part 2

The backstory to my rejoicing, Part 3

After we moved to Virginia, we re-started Elle’s developmental education as soon as we could and she has been making great progress with that. The OT is set to come out again next week to re-assess (take two because the first time it was impossible for her to get a ‘reading’). Hopefully we will be able to start occupational therapy soon after for some of her sensory issues.

Meanwhile, we have been waiting to get in with the ‘specialist’ in town. She is an autism specialist but also sees ‘regular’ patients. I thought it would be great to get in with her because she comes highly recommended by a friend here as well as by someone at Early Intervention. Plus, all of the kids could be at one office.

The office was not accepting new patients when we arrived, due to not having one of the nurses they needed. However, that had changed when I called again in January, so we are in! I still have to set up appointments for the older kids, but Elle has been to the office twice. First she had a well-baby appointment, just to get established. The following week was her developmental appointment. We are now on a ‘trial diet’ of no soy, no dairy for all three of the younger kids.

Can I just say that the doctor recommended changes for the two other kids even though they were not there, simply based on what I told her about them. I love that! I will take them to see her, but I really like that she did not tell me she has to see them before she would recommend some changes. Elle will also be taking probiotics and needs to get in some extra magnesium, which is supposed to help with her sleep issues. We can do that by using epsom salts in her baths, and there is also something she can take by mouth. I still need to find out the exact name so I can go purchase that one. Melatonin can also be a solution for this, so we may end up using that if we do not see great improvement with the extra magnesium. We go back in about 4 weeks to tell the doctor about any changes we have noticed and to find out what else needs to be done. I’m hoping that the diet will also help with Emma’s eczema, and Corbin’s eczema, tummy troubles, and headaches.

I am thankful that I am at home with my kids, homeschooling them. This allows me the flexibility necessary to fit in these appointments around our schooling, and it gives the older children opportunities to help out with their siblings and learn to serve others.

At this point, if I am reading the paperwork correctly, Elle’s diagnosis is Global Developmental Delay. That diagnosis may or may not change as she gets older and we can pinpoint things a little further. Here is a link that will explain just a little about the kinds of delays we’re experiencing.



All of that said, Elle is doing great overall. She has made tremendous progress, has a terrific vocabulary, and is healthy for the most part. She has some sleep issues and some sensory things going on, in addition to her communication and motor skills issues, but we are learning how to deal with those. We appreciate any and all prayers for our family, as that is the best help you can give!


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