Our first dairy-free/soy-free week

Last week we started our no-dairy, no-soy diet here for the younger three kids. I have also been avoiding dairy and the rest of the family has benefitted from some of the cereals, breads, and fruit bars that we have made or bought, as well. Corbin still laments his lack of milk, but otherwise has made the transition pretty well. All three of them miss their cheese, and so far I have been unable to find anything that will substitute that does not also contain soy. 😦 However, I have been told by a few folks that goat’s milk cheese may be a good alternative, so I plan to email the nutritionist today to see what she thinks.

IMG_5003I have been buying a lot more fruit and we have all enjoyed that. We were already a ‘fruit’ family anyway. Our fridge is also full of fresh blackberries, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries.Now I need to make sure that the vegetables we have on hand are chopped and ready to eat so that it will be just as easy for us to grab them for snacking. I have some hummus in the fridge so that along with veggies makes a great snack!

I still need to purchase the probiotics and magnesium (epsom salts). I hope to get those today. Elle is back to her interrupted sleep phase (it seems to come in spurts) and I am anxious to see if the magnesium really helps. I do not want to experience the sleep deprivation like I did during her last ‘spell’ of no sleeping!

We also need to get a bit more active, I think. Last week when we went to the park the little girls payed outside for 2 solid hours and had absolutely no sleep issues for their naps or night time that night. Now that it seems to be warming up a bit, I think we’ll be able to start enjoying time outside a little more, and watching tv a lot less! I look forward to this, as it is always fun to play with them and to watch them enjoying the outdoors.

What has your week been like? Do you have any favorite activities that you are looking forward to getting back into this spring?


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