Committing to a healthy diet

When we lived in New York, Red Robin became a favorite ‘burger joint’ for our family. We  adored their ‘gourmet’ burgers. Once we moved back down to Florida, we did not live near any of their locations and only made occasional stops when we could find one as we were traveling. In our new, even smaller, town there is also not a Red Robin. However, there is a location about an hour from us, so when it came time to choose a Valentine’s Day dinner place, that was it for me. I know that is not the typical dinner date kind of thing for such a holiday, but it had been about 3 years or so since eating there and I wanted to enjoy my favorite Guacamole Bacon Burger, so off we went!


If you have read any of my recent posts, you already know that we have been on a restricted diet. No dairy and no soy for some of my kids, and I have been following that pretty closely as well.

As a result, we have been eating ‘clean’, meaning no grease, very little processed food, and lots of healthy oils, fruits, veggies, and homemade breads and muffins.

So, while I was excited to be visiting one of my favorite burger places, I realized that the food would likely make me regret my choice to indulge.

While in the restaurant, we enjoyed some onion rings, a hearty burger each (I did only eat about 1/2 of mine), and a large helping of fries. It all tasted great, though not as delicious as I had expected. If was funny to see many tables with bottles of wine sitting in the center. They were having a special on their wines for the big day! I just thought it was silly, as they serve their meals in baskets with wax paper and foil, for the most part. But they do offer a full bar, so why not wine? To each his own, I guess. 😉

As my husband said, we in America have kind of made wines and beers ‘mysterious’ where they’re just normal in many other places around the world, so maybe that’s why I found it humorous.

We went on to see a movie after our dinner. Identity Thief was really funny! My only regret is hearing the few curse words that they loved to toss around. I cringed each time, and I still don’t understand why the movie industry finds it necessary to make that such a central part of film-making. So while funny (I think Jason Bateman is just hilarious!), I can’t really say that I recommend it because the dialogue was full of a very offending word, at least to me. Viewer be warned!

Upon leaving the theater we drove to another favorite fast-food place of mine, Chick fil A. I absolutely love their milkshakes and we visited the place often in Florida. Since it was a night of favorites, why not? We had an hour drive to slurp down those milkshakes. We both got small ones, but by the time we were nearing home I was already regretting my choice to drink the whole thing.

By the time my husband took our sitter home and we headed up to bed, we were both feeling very full. My belly was bloated! I did not realize how much I had been enjoying the lack of bloat until that moment. 🙂

We went to bed, hoping to ‘recover’ from our night out. I ended up waking in the wee hours, and was sick. It had nothing to do with the restaurants necessarily, but the foods that I ate.

To sum things up, I am recommitted to avoiding dairy as well as those greasy foods. They are so not good for me and apparently my body much prefers the whole, clean foods it had been enjoying. I never knew that I might have a dairy ‘sensitivity’ until I started avoiding it with my kids due to the ‘trial’ they are on. I had some yogurt earlier in the week and it made me feel slightly ill, as well. I am so happy to be back to eating homemade, unprocessed, good-for-me foods! Though I knew the benefits before, now I truly understand just how much my body wants and needs real nutrition, rather than empty, fat calories.


Have you made any discoveries regarding foods you cannot eat during your adult years? How have you handled the transition to substitutions?

photo credit: Burger Baroness via photopin cc

photo credit: postbear via photopin cc


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2 Responses to Committing to a healthy diet

  1. I can understand. The HEW (Hard Exercise Works) people recommend a similar eating style. I’ve been surprised at how things I thought I would really want don’t taste quite as good as I remember. 🙂 Hugs to you!

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