Encouragement for the homeschooling journey

Last night as I was leaving my bible study late, after chatting with my table mates for a while, a young man approached me. I had him seen there many times, but we had never had a conversation. I believe we may have shared a table with others a time or two. He had apparently been waiting for me. His message went something like this:

“You homeschool your kids? I just wanted you to know that it is parents like you that give me hope for the future of our students. So, thank you for homeschooling.”

After I less-than-elegantly picked my jaw up off the floor, I thanked him. It was awkward. I mean, that doesn’t happen to me every day. Or ever! After probing for a moment, I found out that he was homeschooled himself. He told me that he had been reading about the dismal state of public schools (at least some, anyway) and I guess he just felt prompted to say something. I went on out the door after saying “thanks” again, but I soon heard a female voice behind me saying, “I want to get your name. I want to know more about you.” Wait, what? The voice belonged to the young man’s mother. 🙂 She wanted to know my children’s names….and of course was shocked that I have 5 of them! She offered more words of encouragement and edification for our decision to homeschool. I have another prayer warrior storming heaven for me each day!

Now, I don’t tell you these things to boast about myself. As I said earlier, it was awkward to have a strange (as in strang-er, not weird) guy and his mom praising me. We began homeschooling, initially, because I felt God prompting me to do so. We have continued because we have not felt prompted by Him to do anything else….we are continuing in the call. So in my opinion, I am only acting in obedience to the call of God on my life.


  • His call is the reason I continue when the homeschooling road gets tough. And it does.
  • His call is how I am able to withstand the adversity, the negativity that sometimes comes with the territory of homeschooling. Others are not always accepting of our educational methods.
  • His call is the rock I stand on when everything around me seems to be washing away. Life seems like a torrential downpour sometimes.
  • His call is lifegiving as I strive to live out His Word in my life in obedience and as an example for my children. He strengthens me each day, as His Word is living and active!
  • His call is humbling when others praise me. It is not I, but Him in me!
  • His call heaps blessings upon us as we continue to go against the flow of this world and follow Him. God guides us along that narrow path, shedding light for our feet as we continue in our obedience to Him.

If you are thinking about homeschooling, or if you have been homeschooling but the journey has not been quite what you expected, be encouraged and press on! God will give you strength, and He will unexpectedly bring people across your path to encourage you when you don’t even know you need it!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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6 Responses to Encouragement for the homeschooling journey

  1. And, obedience brings blessing – just like it did after Bible Study! Awesome!! Thanks for the encouragement, friend 🙂 Love ya

  2. Amen to this! What a wonderful encounter. I am answering a call by homeschooling too. 🙂

    • inhistiming says:

      Thanks for popping over! I was so surprised and blessed by their words. 🙂 So glad for God’s little encouragements along the path. Hope to see you here again.

  3. WOW! I love this! I love how God puts people in our paths to show us that we are doing just what He wants us to do. Homeschooling was laid on my heart. It was NOTHING I EVER wanted to do! I am following what He laid on my heart and though there are days I could wish I could run to the school and sign up my kiddos, I wont. At least not until He shows me a different way.

    Thank you for linking up to the Inspired Wednesday Blog Hop over at Where He Leads We Follow and A Nest in the Rocks.

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