Hopes & dreams for the rest of the year

Hopes & Dreams for the new year

Near the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to ‘get it together’ as far as our homeschool goes. We moved into our new home, in a new state, last July and things had been a little unsettled all fall. Not us, we love it here! Our schedule and activities just needed a little ‘tweaking’.

Over Christmas break my husband got our large marker board hung and I was able to get our very basic schedule listed. I even included a little section for our weekly menu and the time for dinner, as that is a question that all of the children ask me daily, usually one right after the other. I was so excited!

Until we went through a round of sickness….just upper respiratory so nothing really serious…..but it has gone ’round and ’round. We currently have two sickos. Again. It’s getting old. I myself have had it 3-4 times. Honestly, I can’t remember.

So, I have had to surrender. Isn’t it funny how that was the word I chose for the year? It’s the word God breathed into me while my husband and I talked and prayed with someone at church….she was praying on our behalf. It was December 30th; last year was almost over.

Hopes 7 Dreams for the new year

I’ve surrendered my schedule, to the need for rest, to my pride (actually, the laying down of it) so someone could help me when I couldn’t do for myself.

I’ve surrendered some other things, too. Things that only God could help me to do. They are things that I have needed to lay down, to surrender, for a very long time. I hope to write about those things here soon, but God is not done writing those stories yet.

I’m waiting on His timing.

He is still showing me some things. I’m so glad that He is here, daily in my life, to guide me, to whisper to me of His love, and His power, and His plan.

I’m daily striving to lay down my life for Him, a constant process of giving over.

That is my goal for this year. To live in Him, and to show that to my family and friends. To Show Jesus, to live Jesus.

What kinds of goals do you have for this year?


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wife, mama to five
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3 Responses to Hopes & dreams for the rest of the year

  1. Mimi says:

    Miss u Wendy! I totally get the “surrender” thing. Still unpacking and adjusting to our new life. Takes time, right?! Seems that in these busy seasons is when we need to be quiet and still most. We need to catch up! Xo

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