Honour of Kings Spanish 1, A Review

Honour of Kings Spanish 1, A Reveiw

Sometime back in January I was presented with the opportunity to ‘test’ the new Spanish 1 course soon to be offered by Honour of Kings. I received all lessons and links for the Spanish 1 course, at no cost, to use for this review.

My son started lessons in February, corresponding with his teacher (author of the curriculum, Ellen Gerwitz) via email, asking questions and receiving all lessons and tests via email, too. Responses have been prompt and helpful. Grading and directions for making corrections have been included, as well. My son has received encouragement in his efforts and direction when needed. Here are his comments regarding the course so far:

“Ellen Gerwitz’s Spanish Curriculum is a very good one. I think the pacing is as close to par as you can get, although memorizing the vocabulary words definitely takes some effort. All in all, this [course] is a good choice for students who are eager to learn a new language and are willing to study.”

I am most enjoying the ‘hands-off’ aspect of a distance learning course. One of the reasons I agreed to test the curriculum is because I was looking for something to take a bit of the burden off of me as ‘teacher’, while still meeting my son’s needs and required courses for his high school transcript. The Honour of Kings Spanish 1 course has done that for me. I love the excitement I hear in my son’s voice when he talks about what he is learning. The course allows me to spend just a little more time helping facilitate my younger children’s learning. I am also able to more easily complete my other necessary household tasks because my paper-grading load has been reduced.

If you’re looking for a hands-off method of teaching Spanish, I recommend you give this one a try! However, the course is still conducive to being taught by the parent and much of it may be ‘caught’ by you, as well.

Here is an overview of the Spanish 1 series if you would like to take a ‘big picture’ look at the entire curricula. The textbook and answer key are both available in digital format at $25 or in a printed version for $35. Purchase the Spanish 1 textbook here or learn more about the Distance Learning option for this course. You may also view theseadditional Spanish 1 exercises if you would like to see more of what Honour of Kings has to offer.

If you make a purchase using the above links, I will not receive any compensation. I am simply offering the links here for ease of use in case you decide to try this course after reading my comments above.

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