Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

My family moved recently. Well, it was last July, but we all know 8 months ago (or so) still feels like a very recent move, right? We have not been very organized. Our schooling has been……interesting.

I knew I needed to ‘get it together’ and tried at the beginning of the new year, but it was not going so well.

Then Stephanie of the Multi Taskin’ Mom approached me to determine my interest in reviewing her Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner. She told me a bit about it and, knowing that we needed more structure in our home, at least for certain things,  I agreed to ‘test out’ her product.

Stephanie provided the download for her planner at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review. My opinions here are my own, regardless of receiving this item for free.

The first thing that struck me about the Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner was the ability to customize the tabs in the weekly section of the planner! There are 6 tabs total. I could have used any combination of headings but the 6 I chose to use are Activities, Appointments, Homechool, Meals, Blog, & Chores. There is also a section on the righthand side for of every planner that says Notes.

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

I absolutely love this ‘customizable tabs’ feature!

I had been struggling during the previous few months with balancing my life. I had online articles to write, homeschooling to complete, household tasks to perform, and none of them were being done to the best of my ability. I still have some tweaking to do, I am not ‘there’ yet, but this planner has helped me tremendously!

Simply having a place, that is specific to me and my life tasks, to write down appointments; blog post ideas and commitments, along with due dates; chores that need to be completed; homeschooling assignments; has helped me to become more organized.

I am able to look in my planner, both on the weekly pages as well as the monthly pages, and see at a glance what kinds of activities, writing assignments, etc. I will be working on at any given time. I am becoming more balanced in my life because I am able to ‘see’ my life via this planner. It is easier for me to say “yes” or “no” to a guest-post or an invite or any other activity because I have things written down.

No more double-booking for me!

Another feature of the Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner that I adore is the fact that the front cover can be customized. It says the words My Planner right across the front, but I was able to choose the background design from several options, and supply a photo that Stephanie placed right on the front of the planner. I love it! The content of the planner is all about my family and I am thrilled to showcase them with a photo on the cover.

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

I am still in the midst of learning about and utilizing my planner. There are pages that I have not used yet, but I know I will love.

This planner includes extra pages for Notes; a page called Christmas Planner, which includes sections for Name, Budget, Idea, Gifts, & Spent; a year-at-a-glance calendar; and a page for Personal Information.

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

Also included are section dividers.

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

As well as a Password Log.

Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review from

And here’s an extra ‘bonus’ for you!

Stephanie is offering her planner to you at a discount,  reduced from $17 to the lovely price of $13. Upon checkout, the actual sale price will be reflected in your shopping ‘bag’ [final price]. You will not need a code or anything to get the discount. The discounted price applies to all orders placed from today through midnight next Monday, April 22, 2013.

Simply click on the following link and get going with your own Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner from .


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2 Responses to Customizable All-In-One Personal Planner: Review

  1. I think the most amazing thing is the password log page!!! Brilliant! Thanks for the insight on this planner. Hugs!! 🙂

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