Preschool Parade, April 20, 2013

Preschool Parade, April 20, 2013 from #homeschool

Several ladies have given me permission to post their wonderful links this week. I do hope you will take the time to look through each one, save them, and share the links with others!

Ashley has several ideas for us this week.

Milking “Cows”

Collecting Salt From Salt Water

Apple Math for How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

Melanie offers some Earth Day fun!

Paper Plate EarthPaper Mache Earth

Coffee Filter Earth

Flower Art

Cassie is sharing her ABC Packs and some other fun activities.
All New Romping and Roaring ABC Packs (and a giveaway!)
Multiple Level Learning HopscotchPaper Roll Flower Stamping

Karyn is Gardening with kids and reading Funny picture books for kids.             

Carla shares 5 Excellent Plants to Grow With Kids & a Character Development Object Lesson and A Bubbly Brew Science Experiment.             

Selena’s Fingerprint Art looks like a great way to pass the time!

Tauna offers Proverbial Homemaker: Attentiveness: Pre-K/K Character Study Unit.

Dollie’s sharing How to Build Responsibility in Toddlers and Preschoolers. Includes steps that a mom of four has used to raise her children to build responsibility in them.   

Sharla has shared from her archives, Our Best Sensory Bins. She says, “This list of over 25 of our most successful sensory bins includes tubs with different themes, textures and sensory rich elements.” Be sure you check them all out!

Jenny shared a favorite from HEDUA. Here’s one of my favorites on HEDUA’s blog. Top 10 Non-Curriculum Essentials for Early Learning                               

Daniele offers Preschool Construction

Remember to come back here and let me know if you tried any of these ideas. Be sure to take a close look at each blog above, too. It will be time well spent!


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