How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family

How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family

Recently, we planted our garden. I really enjoyed watching my two little girls working with their beloved Daddy. My oldest daughter and second son also helped weed the beds and plant on a different day. I thought you might like to see how things went.

How to Work Together to Benefit the Entire Family

First they prepared the beds….

How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family

Then they planted….

How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family


How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family

And added labels.

Since this is our first spring here, we aren’t really sure what will grow well and what we’ll use the most. We planted 4 different kinds of peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. I’m hoping we’ll produce some good salad and salsa makings!

So what are the benefits to our family?

1) Trying something new Working with their Daddy helped the girls to try something new. Our youngest is not the biggest fan of ‘messy’, but she really got into it once we could get her to give it a whirl! We accomplished this simply by modeling and having her sister try it. Elle soon followed suit. They were also able to learn, on their own level, the process of planting a garden. I am confident we will have many more opportunities to learn through gardening as we watch the seeds sprout, pull weeds, water, and eventually eat the products of all our hard work!

2) Working together Our entire family will get to work together to keep the weeds away, water the plants, harvest the produce, and prepare them for consumption. I am hoping we will be able to can some salsa made with some of the tomatoes and peppers we’re growing. I also know we will enjoy many salads with the lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers, as well as the ‘volunteer’ green onions and garlic that remain from the previous owners. I will send the kids out to weed and water each day as necessary, and I will join them in that as well as in harvesting when it is time. I know Daddy will join in, too, as he has time after work each day and on weekends.

3) Meal planning and saving at the checkout Once our garden starts producing, I fully expect to enjoy several months of savings at the market. Produce can be expensive, so it will be nice not to buy many of the things that we eat frequently. Having our own garden also means that I will be able to plan many of our meals and my shopping trips around what is currently growing in our garden. I believe this will help me to streamline my menu planning and shopping trips.

For more gardening fun, please take a look at my Gardening board on Pinterest. I have collected a few ideas that I think you will enjoy! You may also like my post,  4 Activities to Enjoy Outdoors with Preschoolers, which contains several ideas for outdoor play, including some links about gardening.

Do you have your own garden? How has it been a benefit to your family?

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6 Responses to How to Work Together and Benefit the Entire Family

  1. mediaangelsf says:

    Science! Science! Science! I love it – soil analysis, weather study, plant growth … there are so many academic areas covered in gardening. Way to go!

    • Science has never been my area. But it IS hubby’s, so working with him is making it exciting for all of us! I am enjoying the hands-on aspect. Thanks for your encouraging words!

  2. Jamie says:

    We moved to Ohio about 20 months ago and have not had a garden since. The summer of 2011 we had a large garden in Va. It was 23×13 and it produced a ton of vegetables and a few varieties of fruits. Our entire family got in on the act from purchasing, to planting, to weeding, watering and tending. It was an extremely rewarding experience. Yesterday my husband planted annuals in the front flower beds that had been sent from his work for his father’s funeral. It was an enriching experience as the youngest three worked with him and they discussed gardening and my husband’s wonderful father.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, 23×13 seems large! Our home has 4 beds that were here when we moved in, we just had to clear out all the overgrowth from lack of attention while the house was on the market. Right now we just have two beds planted. Thinking about what to plant in the others. That sounds like a wonderful time with your hubby and kids! A great way to remember his father/their grandfather. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, Jamie.

  3. We love gardening as a family– especially since we discovered raised beds! There is so much to learn about working together like you said, as well as science, an appreciation of where food comes from, opportunities for math, and lessons on HARD WORK! One of my favorite quotes to live life by is “What this country needs is dirtier hands and cleaner minds.” Here’s to dirt!

    • Thanks for stopping by again. I like that quote. I don’t mind getting dirty. I am earning here, since we never had a garden growing up. It’s a new experience for all of us except my husband, so I know we will learn and grow a lot through it!

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