Inspired to Help Oklahoma: You CAN Make a Difference

You CAN make a difference!

Inspired to Help~You CAN Make a Difference

As a child growing up in the deep south, I do not remember ever having a real fear of thunderstorms or other inclement weather, such as hurricanes. We actually held hurricane ‘parties’ where we gathered with family, ate lots of snack foods, played games, and slept on the floor on pallets. Looking back now, as an adult and parent, I can see why my parents, aunts, and uncles might have called it a party rather than stating their own fears.

As a young married, staying home from work to care for my first baby, I can remember standing in an inside doorway of our trailer, the ONLY place that would have been even remotely safe, as a storm raged outside. I was terrified. How would I protect my baby? Should I leave and find safer shelter? Would I cause more harm, put us in more danger? I simply stood and prayed, for us and for my husband, who was out at school at the time and should have already arrived home. He arrived home safely, we remained safe, and the storm ended. It turns out I did have cause for concern. There had been a tornado right down the street that tore through an apartment complex, ripping off roofs and leaving destruction in its wake. I thanked God that we were spared that kind of terror, but ever since I have battled my fear of tornadoes.

I can only imagine the sort of fear and heartache that those in Oklahoma experienced last week. I feel helpless, but I know that God can be their help in this time of need. That is why I am so delighted to be a part of the Inspired Bloggers Network and what the group is doing to help the victims of last week’s storm. I am not able to go physically to help clean up the area or to care for the misplaced residents there. I also cannot give a huge amount of money in order to aid in the rebuilding efforts. However, I can give out of what I have been blessed to receive from God. Together, with each of us offering whatever we can, we will be able to make a difference. If you feel led, would you give, too?

Please visit Inspired to Help and donate through Samaritan’s Purse or the American Red Cross. Every little bit counts.

Thank you!

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