3 Reasons You Need The Newest WannaBe Series Ebook By The Old Schoolhouse

3 Reasons You Need The Newest WannaBe Series Ebook by The Old Schoolhouse www.followinginhisfootsteps.wordpress.com

What do your children “wanna” be when they grow up? Do your children enjoy playing video games? Have they ever wanted to create their own video games?

Help them explore the career of video game designer.

Request the free E-Book mini-unit study that Gena Suarez is giving away this month, *When I Grow Up I Want to Be a . . . Video Game Designer.*

Visit this link, browse through the encouraging articles and helpful teaching tips, find the
ad for this offer, and follow the directions to claim your FREE E-Book.

HINT: The information is located between pages 80 and 90.

I am so excited about this free offer, and you need this book!

Reason #1: It is an ebook on the topic of video game design, which my oldest son has been very interested in learning more about.

Reason #2: The Ebook is FREE for the month of June! Simply follow the instructions listed above to receive your FREE copy.

Reason #3: (and this is the one I am most excited about!) I helped create this ebook. I interviewed the programmers via email, all of whom were very kind and patient with me. They provided excellent information that will be very helpful to anyone desiring to learn more about programming and video game design! When you receive your FREE copy you will see my name listed as ‘text writer’. There are many others listed as well, as so much went into creating this wonderful resource. Everyone worked very hard!

Head on over and grab your FREE copy now!

And please do let me know what you think of the ebook. 

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7 Responses to 3 Reasons You Need The Newest WannaBe Series Ebook By The Old Schoolhouse

  1. patmills97 says:

    Reblogged this on pat's homeschool and commented:
    Wendy did a great job on the review of this Ebook and you can have a copy of the Ebook for FREE also! So please follow the link and request your copy of it TODAY!

  2. Requested! Can’t wait to receive it!!

  3. I tried to request it and it said the email didn’t work or something. :\

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