Making Disciples, One Day at a Time

Making Disciples, One Day at a TIme #discipleship #

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I have been a mother for a little over 15.5 years, and as I have raised my children and grown in my relationship with God, I have learned a few things. Of course, I am still learning and growing (Aren’t we all?), but one thing that I have discovered over the years is the need for discipleship, for my children, but also for me and my husband.

What, exactly, is discipleship?

Here is one definition:

The state of a disciple or follower in doctrines and precepts. 

And what is a disciple? 

A disciple is a learner; a scholar; one who receives or professes to receive instruction from another;


A follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another. 

Why do we need to be discipled?

  • We have a lot to learn. Even though I am now nearing 40 and I have been a mom and a wife for quite a few years, I still do not know everything I need to know. I can learn from others who have gone before me, those who have experienced the same kind of hardships, and those who have asked the same questions that I have had or may have in the future. We can be discipled by other people that God places in our lives. Some of you may use the word mentored. The important thing there is that the person, or people, who hold this role in your life are disciples of Christ themselves, so that you will know their instruction will be scripture-based. However, it is still most important to be a disciple of Christ yourself. Start there!
  • We will know right from wrong. There are many things that we can learn in life that are not from a biblical viewpoint. God desires for us to see the world and others through His eyes. If we are disciples of Him, then we will gain a new perspective, and we can then begin to love the world, to love others, with His love. The love of Jesus!
  • We can disciple our own children. If we become disciples of Christ, following Him and walking in obedience to Him, we will be equipped to disciple our children. Just as learning His word, speaking with God through prayer, and worshiping Him helps us to know His ways, these things will also help our children. They need us to disciple them. There is a world out there for them to discover. It is filled with many wonderful things that God has created for their good! However, there are also many things, and people, that Satan wants to use to cause our children to stray away from God’s path for their lives. Equipping our children through discipleship is the best way I know to help them to understand God’s word, to commit their lives to Him, and to continue walking the path He has laid out for them.

If you’d like a resource to help you learn more about discipleship, try Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples by Francis Chan. I have not read this but I have read his book, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless GodIt was great, so I feel sure his book on making disciples will be, too!

What is discipleship to you? How are you discipling your children? Please leave resources or tips in the comments!

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