Winter Promise Children Around the World Review: An Introduction

Winter Promise Children Around the World Review: An Introduction #homeschool #review

Over the 7 years that I have been a homeschool mom, I have seen and heard about a lot of homeschool curricula. I have used many of them, as well. However, I had not yet enjoyed the privilege of adding any of the programs from Winter Promise to my shelves. When presented with the opportunity to be a reviewer this year for one of the Winter Promise year-themes, I knew this was my chance! I am thankful and excited to be able to work through Children Around the World with my children! While this program is meant to be used with children falling in the range of 2nd to 6th grades, I will be going through the program together will all of my children, ages (almost) 3 to 15. We will adjust as necessary, but I really want everyone to learn a least a little something about other cultures this year!

What I  Look forward to about reviewing Children Around the World

  • We will be learning more about many countries, which will mesh well with our overall studies as a family.  We were already planning to learn more about other countries and cultures this year when this review opportunity came along. God knew what I needed well before I did!
  • We will get to plan and take part in what Winter Promise calls ‘Cultural Gatherings’, which includes planning and cooking food from several of the countries we will study, for family, and sometimes friends. A celebration, something I love!

Winter Promise Children Around the World Review: An Introduction #homeschool #review

  • Included along with all of the other components of the digital program is a guide for how to use Children Around the World. I especially enjoy this feature, as I always like to read the directions before preparing a recipe, playing a game, or building anything. I am very much the same with a curriculum package. Once I know the ins and outs of how it is supposed to run, I may then make changes to suit my family.
  • Though this program is digital, I am not stuck using it only on the computer or printing it out for use! While one can print out all of the files and store them in a large binder if preferred, the files can also be placed in Dropbox and read on my iPad. I can even open it with Kindle and read that way. This will be so much easier than printing everything out or reading on my Mac, and I am grateful that it is an option available to me, so I had to share it with you!

Children Around the World Resources

Children Around the World consists of over 30 files. Included in the files is:

  • The Guide
  • History Books
  • Geography Resources
  • ‘Extended Trips’ Resources
  • Several additional digital resources (not included in the print edition)
  • and more…….

View this complete list of Included Resources.

How much does Children Around the World cost?

Pricing for this program differs depending on whether you purchase the print or digital version. The version I received is digital, which I love, especially since I have the option to store the files on my iPad. The total value for all of these files, plus additional files included only in the digital version, comes to $369. Please visit the Winter Promise Store to view package pricing.

Try Before You Buy Children Around the World

Want to try Children Around the World? If you’re interest is piqued but you would like to learn more, click on the link above for a freebie download to a portion of Children Around the World.

My Children Around the World review process

Our family will be using this program to learn about various children, cultures, and countries around the world over the course of this school year. I will be providing a look at how the program is working for us every 2 to 3 months, sharing photos of some of our Cultural Gatherings, the foods we try, and anything else that I think will be helpful to show exactly how Children Around the World is working for us. I do hope you will stop in from time to time to check on our progress!

Are you using or have you used Children Around the World in your homeschool? Please leave me a comment and list some of the highlights. I would love to hear more about how you have used this program, or any other, from Winter Promise!

Winter Promise Children Around the World Review: An Introduction #WinterPromise #review

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